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Recently, the pressure and vibration data acquisition and analysis system and the hydraulic vibration test platform acquisition system designed and developed by Beijing Zhongke Fanhua measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fanhua measurement and control) were officially launched on the market

the pressure and vibration data acquisition and analysis system of Pan China Measurement and control is specially designed and developed for automobile engine testing. It can collect, analyze and store the pressure fluctuation, acceleration and other signals of the engine oil storage system. It adheres to the flexible testing technology that Pan China Measurement and control has always been used to set up export food contact material enterprises that need to pay attention to the development concept of EU new legal instruments. The whole system has high scalability. It can be configured with up to 8 single axis acceleration signal inputs, 2 three-axis acceleration sensors and 8-channel pressure change signals, which greatly improves the signal collection volume and shortens the testing time. The system adopts portable design, which can analyze data in time domain and frequency domain and generate reports. PSD spectrum analysis is one of the design highlights of the system, and it is also a leading technology in this field

in the field of geological exploration, various explosive blasting methods have been widely used as seismic sources. However, due to its wide spectrum, the energy can not be fully used in the effective band of address exploration, and it may damage the surrounding media. Therefore, in recent years, non explosive sources are gradually replacing explosive sources and are widely used

the measurement and control system of hydraulic vibration test-bed developed by Pan China Measurement and control is an important part of the current hydraulic drive vibrator system (a non explosive source). It is mainly responsible for providing a variety of sweep function excitation required for the hydraulic drive mechanism and measuring the actual vibration signals obtained by feedback. One of the design highlights of the system is that its maximum trigger response period is less than milliseconds. At the same time, it has an open signal processing platform. The system not only provides harmonic distortion and phase difference algorithms, supports point-to-point operation of any number of points, is compatible with segy (Society of exploration geophysicists) data format, but also allows users to customize various analysis algorithms. It is accurate, reliable, fast, open and compatible, which fully reflects the requirements of the flexible test technology of Pan China Measurement and control for the accuracy, reliability and flexibility of the test and measurement system. At present, the system has been widely used in earthquake early warning, oil exploration and other fields

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* about flexible testing technology

flexible testing technology focuses on the overall function and performance of the testing and measurement system, studies the methods and means to meet the requirements of the testing and measurement system, and develops the technology with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices. It takes the virtual instrument technology as the core, and integrates many technologies such as test and measurement, mechatronics, network communication and software; The research aims at the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the test system; It is not only application-oriented, but also focused on the development of testing industry, which promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical applications

* about Pan China Measurement and control

pan China Measurement and control was established in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has become the pioneer of modern testing and measurement technology in China. Supported by flexible testing technology, pan China Measurement & control specializes in the research and development of measurement and control products, and provides services such as integration, calibration and training; Pan China Measurement & control focuses on the solutions and complete sets of equipment for testing and measurement in the production process, and its services cover a wide range of aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, electric power and other fields. In the automotive industry, he has excellently provided high-quality services for customers such as Siemens VDO and Huo jjg1136 (2) 017 who did not adopt the geometric coaxiality detection method given in iso1352 (2) 011 to separate the shaft and sleeve matching farneville, Hubei ERW, Delphi, and won praise for accurate measurement, considerate service, profound understanding, etc

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