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On August, 2008, China Electronics Exhibition, known as "the largest exhibition of China Electronics", was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi, the largest military industrial province in China. China Electronics Exhibition is a professional exhibition for China's electronics industry and testing and measurement industry. It has been successfully held in China for more than 70 years. The event was held in Xi'an, bringing together more than 300 manufacturers from the electronics, testing and measurement industries at home and abroad

Beijing Zhongke Fanhua measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fanhua measurement and control") participated in the exhibition as a senior enterprise in the testing and measurement industry, and was awarded the title of "outstanding brand in China's electronic testing and measurement market". At the exhibition, pan China Measurement & Control Co., Ltd. grandly launched electronic test and measurement systems such as "noise source positioning and detection system" and "automobile instrument panel detection system" with "flexible test" technology as the core. The "noise source location and detection system" includes the functions of sound source location, identification of different sound sources, sound source signal separation and analysis, spectrum analysis, and joint time-frequency analysis. It is widely used in the fields of machine fault location, noise reduction design (such as noise reduction design of automobiles and aircraft) and noise leakage test. "Automobile instrument panel inspection system" is to inspect the self luminous components of the automobile instrument panel through machine vision technology. It completely avoids the development of China's plastic extruder Market and breaks through the mistakes caused by manual inspection. The design and development of these products are based on the full consideration of the customers' requirements for the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the test system and the development trend of the industry

in the same period, pan China TT & C also brought a wonderful speech on "building the next generation of automated test system" to the participants at the "professional seminar on electronic testing and measurement". Pan China engineers made a detailed and comprehensive exposition on how to build a new generation of test and measurement system from the perspective of "flexible testing" technology, which aroused strong response from the participants, reducing 1.76 PCT month on month. The on-site discussion atmosphere was warm

as a pioneer in the measurement and control industry, pan China Measurement and control will always be committed to providing customers with more suitable and effective testing and measurement solutions to promote the development of China's measurement and control industry

* what is flexible testing technology

the "flexible testing technology" proposed by Pan China Measurement and control is based on virtual instrument technology, testing and measurement technology, integrated technology of electromechanical production of various needled nonwovens with glass fiber expansion function, software technology, communication and networking technology, and takes the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the testing system as the research goal, It promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical application

* about "Pan China Measurement and control"

pan China Measurement and control was established in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has become the pioneer of modern measurement and measurement technology in China. Supported by the "flexible testing" technology, pan China Measurement & control specializes in the research and development of measurement and control products, and provides services such as integration, calibration and training; Pan China Measurement & control focuses on the solutions and complete sets of equipment for testing and measurement in the production process. Its services cover a wide range of fields such as aerospace, automobile with high sampling frequency, shipbuilding, electronics, electric power, etc. for example, in the automotive industry, pan China Measurement & control has provided excellent services to customers such as Siemens VDO, Honeywell, Hubei ERW, Delphi, etc., and won praise for "accurate measurement", "thoughtful service" and "profound understanding"

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