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Wooden doors are also widely used now, mainly in indoor rooms, which can not only block the wind and rain, but also keep warm and shade. But now there are many wooden door brands. Brother wooden door is one of the more famous brands. How many brands is brother wooden door? What are the well-known wooden door brands in 2018? Now let's take a look at the introduction and recommendation of Xiaobian, hoping to help you

brother wooden doors are several brands

1 Company profile

brother wood door is a brand of Jilin brother Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. It was established in Hong Kong in 1989, and the company has “ Xuanyuan culture media Co., Ltd. &rdquo& ldquo; Acme Meiju Wood Industry Co., Ltd. &rdquo& ldquo; Shengsengong Flooring Co., Ltd. &rdquo& ldquo; Brother wood company &rdquo& ldquo; Brother Real Estate Co., Ltd. ”, The company is a comprehensive group company headquartered in Shuangyang Economic Development Zone of Changchun City in the outskirts of Changbai Mountain

2. Company strength

brother wood industry group has a total asset of 1.12 billion yuan, a production area of 150000 square meters, a construction area of 90000 square meters, and more than 1600 employees. In terms of wood industry, it mainly produces cabinets, floors, stairs, indoor wooden doors, as well as customized furniture and decorative wallboards for hotels, which can reach 300000 sets every year, with an annual output value of 260million yuan

3. Company honor

brother wooden door is a leading enterprise in wood manufacturing in Northeast China, with strong technological R & D and innovation strength. It is the only Chinese Jilin wood products R & D enterprise, and has won five national utility model patents and one national invention patent, and has won various Awards for many times. It can be seen from this that brother wooden door is a few brands

2018 good wooden door brand recommendation

1 Mengtian, one of the top ten brands of wooden doors and one of the top 30 domestic wooden doors, is a large-scale enterprise. Its full name is Zhejiang Mengtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd

2. Tata, one of the top ten brands of wooden doors and one of the top 30 wooden doors in China, is Beijing kaiweiye door and window Co., Ltd

3. Shangpin natural color, top 30 wooden doors in China, vice president unit of China wooden door association, full name is Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd

4. Huahe, a domestic famous brand and Heilongjiang famous brand, is one of the top ten wooden door brands. Its full name is Huahe group in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province

5. Maxim, domestic famous brand, Chongqing famous brand, first-line brand (brand), the full name is produced by Chongqing Maxim group

6. Runcheng Chuangzhan, the drafting unit of wood door industry standards, is a well-known trademark of Guangdong Province. Its full name is Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd

editor's summary: the above is to share the content about the recommended brands of brother wooden doors and good wooden doors in 2018. If you are a friend who likes brother wooden door, you may as well make a reference. If you like other brands, it is also recommended to have a further and in-depth understanding, so that you can buy and use it with more confidence





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