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Affected by many factors such as the "five national regulations" and the reduction of decoration demand, many decoration companies and individual decoration workers feel the chill from the market, and the business volume has shrunk significantly, with a reduction of 30% to 40% being the norm. Now, coupled with the introduction of the newly revised contract in Wuhan, "if the decoration does not meet the standard, the decoration company should be responsible, and the waterproof project should be guaranteed for five years", the Wuhan decoration construction team may have a difficult survival

"this year's work is too bad. This situation didn't exist last year. It's been more than ten days recently. I haven't received a decent job yet. I earned 550 yuan in my last small job for two days. According to the current situation, I'm afraid 2000 yuan won't be enough this month." Lao Zhang complained. When Xiaobian asked whether the introduction of the Wuhan new board contract "the decoration company should be responsible for the substandard air in the city" would have an impact on them, he said that now the market is depressed, and the introduction of the new contract is undoubtedly making things worse

in the decoration odd job market, which opened spontaneously, carpenters, laborers, Tilers, oilers and so on gathered. Many workers marked their professional identity in front of electric vehicles with signs. According to the visual inspection of the small editor, there were no less than 50 workers waiting for work. Many people admit that it is normal not to work for a week. A laborer claims to be the most miserable. So far this month, he has only earned more than 600 yuan

Liu Gong, a bricklayer with more than 10 years of experience, relies on the accumulated relationship of his peers in the industry. This time in previous years is his busiest time. Because the labor fee given by the decoration company is lower than his own work alone, even the decoration company will generally push it when it finds itself. Generally, it will not take more than five days to rest in a month. This year, the situation has completely changed, and it is common that he can't find work in a few days. "Now the biggest impact of the newly revised contract in Wuhan on me is environmental protection. Our price is cheap, but there is no way to define whether it is my problem in the final test. The waterproof aspect requires a five-year warranty, which also has a great impact on our later business, and we plan to register our own company later."

the person in charge of a decoration company said, "although the volume of home decoration business of our company has not decreased significantly, it is said by peers that the reduction is not a small number. Some skilled decoration workers from Anhui and Jiangsu Province, who see that the market work here is not good and earn less money, are beginning to withdraw to their hometown."




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