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As the "eyes" of the room, everyone's home has windows, which are large or small, simple or complex... These different window ideas can make people feel different scenery outside the window, but the most important thing is that they are necessary components to supply indoor natural light

choosing different windows does have good highlights, which makes the overall atmosphere relaxed and lively, comfortable and lively, and gives people a unique sense of visual extension

the multi grid windows of different specifications are designed like picture frames, which also gives a new posture

large French windows can add a lot of unique style to the interior. From the architectural appearance, I believe that such a window design can make the warm sunshine shine into the room, which will definitely make people feel warm and comfortable

this architectural window design can not only increase the brightness of the interior and ensure safe visual light, but also make the wall more active

the innovative shape design, coupled with the dazzling window design, combined with modern technology, makes the appearance of the house quite aesthetic, and the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic taste

from the perspective of the whole building, odd shaped windows of different sizes are full of texture, which can enlarge the visual space. The refraction effect brought by light also makes the interior more flexible and interesting

in addition to those unique creative windows, large simple floating windows or floor to ceiling windows are the favorite of modern young people. Setting such large-area windows in a limited space will make the indoor space appear wide, transparent, relaxed and lively

like this strange building, it is designed with large floor to ceiling windows. Looking inside, the window looks like a paradise

the window design is gentle and wavy, both beautiful, and makes use of lighting elements to make the appearance dazzling, becoming a beautiful scenery in the city

transparent glass windows of different sizes not only enhance the brightness of the interior, but also add an artistic beauty

in addition to the facade, the most representative of characteristic buildings is the unique and representative windows. If you don't have a fascinating landscape, designing these windows can bring more natural light and beauty





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