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As the saying goes, laymen watch the excitement while experts watch the doorway. Many users are used by businesses or engineering teams when discussing decoration issues with supervisors. You don't know if you're not an expert “ To bluff the past, share with you the acceptance knowledge of wooden door decoration, so that you know it well, and you can be confident when talking to the decoration team when decorating the facade at home

I. check and accept the quantity and quality of materials before installation

1. Confirm that the quantity of materials and plates in the list is sufficient at one time

the first thing to do is to count the quantity of products. Follow “ Check the number of pieces in the delivery list; In particular, the number of solid wood veneer processing plates must be sufficient to avoid secondary purchase, because this will cause different lines and colors, affecting the beauty

2. Identify the quality of solid wood and refuse to be a water fish

solid wood has a certain weight, and the wood grain lines will have a certain consistency on the front and back and on the side. If it is dyed wood, the color will look rigid, and there is no wood flavor

3. Check the water absorption of wood to prevent later deformation

wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage and wet expansion. When the water content increases, the wood will expand, and when the water content decreases, the wood will shrink, and the size will become smaller, which will affect the use. Therefore, the water absorption of wood door materials is generally required to be less than or equal to 11.8%

4. Take care to avoid the entry of waste materials

when the materials enter, pay attention to whether the corner materials have cracks Moths or white wood (useless wood), the board should pay attention to the way of placement, do not over erect, try to lay horizontally to avoid deformation and bending

5. Don't forget to smell the material. Pay attention to whether the wood core board has a pungent taste. Due to the use of adhesive in the manufacturing process, the wood core board itself may have a taste due to excessive formaldehyde or toluene. Try to avoid it when selecting boards

II. Construction environment inspection before construction

1. Measure whether the data door and door opening are appropriate.

measure the thickness of the wall, the width and height of the door opening, and then measure the length of the top frame and frame of the finished door frame to see whether they are appropriate for the door opening

2. Check whether the size direction of the model is consistent

before installing the door frame and leaf, check whether the model and size meet the requirements, whether there is channeling angle, warping, bending, splitting, and confirm the opening direction of the door leaf and the cutting direction of the door frame installation

3. Whether the horizontal line control height meets the standard

the installation height is controlled by the indoor horizontal line of 100cm, and check the elevation dimension of the door frame installation according to the indoor horizontal elevation line, Handle the structural edges that do not conform to the line

4. Whether the number of wooden bricks installed firmly meets the requirements

in order to ensure the firmness of installation, check whether the number of embedded wooden bricks meets the requirements in advance. For doors 1.2m ~ 2m high, 3 wooden bricks are embedded on each side, and for doors 2 ~ 3M high, 4 wooden bricks are embedded on each side. Each wooden brick should be nailed with 2 nails 10cm long, the nail cap should be smashed flat, and nailed into the wooden door frame along the wood grain

5. Whether the pre embedding of the door frame connecting concrete is sufficient

for the light partition wall connecting the door frame with the pre embedded concrete block with wood bricks, the number of pre embedded concrete blocks shall be determined according to the number of wood bricks buried at the door height, and nailed firmly with the door frame with nails (if other connection methods are adopted, it shall meet the design requirements of the specification)

III. key construction points during installation supervisor

1. The door frame must be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, and the door leaf is consistent with the frame, and the gap should not be too large; The side of the door frame close to the wall should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The filling materials for the gap between the frame and the wall are generally rock wool, mineral wool, sealing strips, etc., which play the role of heat preservation, cushioning and sealing

2. The installation of the door sleeve should be firm and stable

when the door and window sleeve is made of blockboard or density board, the base plate should be fixed on the base keel of the window frame first, and then nailed with lines; The gap between the sheathing plates should be tight, flat and without dislocation; The junction of mullion and transom forms a 90 degree angle. The door frame and door pocket are fixed with multi-point support. After leveling and verticality, they are filled with glue to strengthen firmness

3. The hinge installation should not be directly nailed with a hammer

the hinge installation should be slotted on both sides and installed firmly. The door made of hardwood should be drilled first and then screwed. Strictly supervise the construction personnel not to use a hammer to directly screw in the screws

4. The installation line drawing should be accurate and high-quality

the line drawing should be accurate. The first repair should not be too much, and the second repair should be accurate without leaving lines and eating lines, so as to ensure the installation quality. The installation of the line can be determined by the width of the wall and the door frame. If the wall is narrower than the frame, the side with the wide side of the line can be used to lean against the wall. If the frame is narrower than the wall, on the contrary, the cover nail strip can be taken out on both sides of the line, and the line can be fixed back with nails

5. Paint immediately after installation

after production, paint a primer immediately to prevent the wood from moisture deformation

IV. carefully check the final acceptance after installation

1. Look at the smooth and coordinated appearance

it is required that the surface paint film of the wooden door should be smooth and bright, without quality defects such as sagging, bubbles, wrinkles, warpage, corrosion points, dead joints, and damage; The wood used for the door pocket should be coordinated with the wood and color of the door leaf. The color difference between the decorative panel and the wood line should not be large, and the tree species should be the same

2. Second, the line is square and vertical

the vertical line/the vertical line of the door panel or the door frame is not done well, which will cause the door to fail to close. Therefore, the door leaf should be square and cannot be warped and deformed. The door leaf can just be inserted into the door and window frame and coincide with the door and window frame. If the gap between the door leaf and the frame is large, it is mainly due to inaccurate planing during installation or the door frame is not perpendicular to the ground, the door leaf can be removed and repaired again; If the door and window frames are not vertical, the gaskets in the frame plate should be aligned

3. The door frame is tightly embedded

the door frame and the mortise and groove of the leaf are tightly embedded, cemented with rubber and tightened with rubber wedge; The space between the door frame and the wall should be filled up

4. Look around the door jamb and there is no hollow drum bending

knock the side panel of the door and window jamb by hand. If there is an empty drum sound, it means that the bottom layer is not padded with Blockboard and other base plates. Such a door will not be solid and should be folded and redone. The door jamb vertical sheathing plate should be perpendicular to the ground without bending, and the door jamb line should be close to the wall surface

5. Look at the hinges. The door lock can be opened freely.

the hinges of the door should be installed firmly and the wooden door should be opened and closed smoothly; The opening and locking of the door lock should be smooth, and the two parts locked on the door leaf and the door frame should coincide. If the lock is improperly installed, the door leaf will not open and close freely. In addition, the opening direction of the door should also meet the requirements

v. installation, storage and protection of finished products

1. Protect from the sun and rain

after entering the site, the door frame should be properly kept and stored in the warehouse. The lower part of the door storage rack should be padded 20 ~ 40cm away from the ground, and leveled. It should be stacked neatly according to its model and order of use. When it is temporarily stored in the open air, it should be covered with tarpaulin to prevent the sun and rain

2. Prevent moisture deformation with preservatives

the wooden door frame entering the site should be treated by brushing the side against the wall with wood preservatives, and the other sides should be brushed with oil to prevent deformation after moisture

3. Protect the installed door frame with fiberboard

the wooden door frame should be protected with 3mm fiberboard after installation, and its height is 1500mm. Handle with care when installing the door to prevent damage to the finished product; When trimming the door, do not pry hard to avoid damaging the fan material and hardware. When installing the door leaf, pay attention to prevent collision with the plastered corners and other finished decorative surfaces

4. If it cannot be installed in time, a special person should be assigned to manage the installed door leaf. If the hardware cannot be installed in time, a special person should be assigned to manage it to prevent damage to the door and window frames and fans when the wind blows; The installation model and quantity of hardware should meet the requirements of the drawing, and attention should be paid to the protection of finished products after installation

5. Prevent damage and hitting the initially installed door

after the door is installed, do not push or move around indoors to prevent damage and hitting the door

it doesn't take long from the mobilization of wood door materials to the completion of wood door installation, but one of them doesn't pay attention to this facade project “ Just because of the carelessness of the decoration team and our ignorance, many subsequent troubles have been caused. From the quality screening of materials, the inspection of construction environment, the inspection of installation works, the acceptance and protection of projects, it is necessary to install a good wooden door step by step




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