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South American style home decoration is loved by many people with its unique style. In addition, it coincides with the arrival of the world cup, so it should add a different color to the home. Even if you can't go to Brazil, you should add a unique style to your home

from June 13 to July 13, 2014, the 20th World Cup will be held in Brazil. In this dynamic country, in addition to passionate football, there are also passionate Samba dances and beautiful and vast tropical rainforests. These unique landscapes with tropical customs are desirable. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you 12 South American style home decorations, so that you can feel the atmosphere of the world cup at home

part1: Feather family decorations

recommendation 1: Peacock dining mat

shopping guide reason: peacock feathers like peacocks are placed creatively and enthusiastically, adding a strong South American flavor to the home on trinkets

recommendation 2: Feather creative lighting

shopping guide reason: clean color, pleasing to the eye. The falling style of feathers has a special charm under the light

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