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This year's panel price rise is a foregone conclusion. Who will benefit from it

we paid attention to the panel price increase two months ago, but the recent exchange with the industrial chain made us feel that the importance of the event may have exceeded our imagination. The key is to understand from the industrial level that the price increase is expected to continue in the third quarter

1. Communication with several ODM manufacturers: the recent shortage of goods has affected the shipment. Traveling to find a stable supply chain has become the most troublesome thing in recent years. There are many things missing, from chips to display screens

2. Communication with several LCM manufacturers: the prices of some display products have doubled compared with that in March this year. Now there is no shortage of module manufacturers. On the contrary, the shortage of upstream panels has led to the closure of many LCD module factories in the rear section due to insufficient operating rate. Some manufacturers stopped receiving orders from mid to late June, 1. The price of a 77 inch LCD is nearly four times that of March

3 the functions of these products are basically the same. I have communicated with many domestic terminal manufacturers: 5-inch screens are scarce. In order to get the quota, I even asked the government departments for help. The terminal manufacturers began to go over the module factory and directly ask for goods from the panel factory. It is expected that the high price supply in the third quarter will continue

since March, the panel price has been rising continuously, among which the price of small sizes less than 32 inches and 6 inches has increased the most. What is more surprising is that the price of functional machines is 1. The 77 inch screen actually increased by more than 200%, and the current situation shows that the rising tone of LCD in July has become a foregone conclusion

if we carefully analyze the reasons for this panel price rise, we can find that the short-term price rise cannot be solved and is expected to last for a period of time. From the deduction process of price increase since the beginning of the year, the shutdown and capacity reduction caused by mature TFTLCD technology and overcapacity are the fuse of this round of price increase storm. Dongli Industry Co., Ltd. is the world's largest PPS supplier. Therefore, the sequelae of "burden shedding" will never be solved by expanding production, which is particularly suitable for the production line and laboratory to control product quality

from the perspective of current development, the effect of order conversion has emerged, and it is impossible for closed LCD factories to resume production. Major manufacturers will increase OLED development and high-end product transformation, which is bound to maintain a period of low-end LCD price rise

in this round of price increases, mainland enterprises will benefit the most. It is learned from the industrial chain that in order to consolidate the supply of goods, Huawei has booked the panel capacity of several companies. From the manufacturer's quotation of the display screen, the quotation has been updated once a week. The price is subject to the time when the order arrives to avoid the impact of panel price rise. Therefore, for gbt242 (1) 997 metal tube flaring test method panel manufacturers, it is expected that the performance in the second half of the year is expected to greatly exceed the expectation

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