The most popular BMW intelligent emergency system

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BMW intelligent emergency system motorcycles can automatically dial the emergency call center

according to foreign media reports, BMW plans to build an exclusive intelligent emergency system intelligent emergency call system for motorcycles (int is expressed in percentage of gauge length). The intelligent emergency call system locates the motorcycle position through the built-in GPS. In addition, it has a cellular network that can be connected with the emergency call center

the system has manual and automatic calling functions. When a motorcycle rider encounters a crisis, he can manually trigger the emergency safety device on the motorcycle, and the automatic response system will play its role

in case of severe impact due to insufficient packaging innovation, the sensor on the system will also automatically dial the emergency call center, The rider can use the loudspeaker on the motorcycle "All OEMs and tier 1 suppliers are working hard to solve this problem and communicate with the call center through the microphone. If the system detects a slight impact, it will touch the automatic dialing function after 25 seconds, and the motorcyclist can choose whether to continue dialing or not.

determining whether to call automatically according to the severity of the accident is the biggest highlight of the system, avoiding the driver's failure to call for help immediately after being injured, and Delay in rescue caused casualties. At the same time, BMW also pointed out that the latest EU report showed that this kind of emergency service could increase the speed of rescue workers arriving at the scene by 40% to 50%

it is understood that the system will be launched in the European market from 2017, and the service life can be as long as 15 years. However, it will not be listed in North America in the short term, and the availability in other countries has not been mentioned. The birth of this intelligent system will provide great convenience for major motorcycles and bicycles

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