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Xiaodu Bluetooth alliance established! Baidu plans to bring artificial intelligence into the homes of ordinary people

small Bluetooth alliance is established! Baidu plans to bring artificial intelligence into the homes of ordinary people

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original title: Xiaodu Bluetooth alliance established! Baidu plans to bring artificial intelligence into the homes of ordinary people

on January 10, Beijing time, baidu held a small Bluetooth alliance summit in Shenzhen, in addition to adding the additional classification of smoke toxicity of materials in A2, B and C levels. The significance of the summit is to announce the layout and development of Baidu's intelligent hardware to the outside world, and jointly explore the importance of Bluetooth voice for home, portable So far, more than 900 kinds of new materials have been born here

this activity can be roughly divided into two parts. The first part is that Baidu officials introduce some of the progress and technical foundation of dueros to their partners to eliminate their doubts about Baidu dueros technology or ecology. In the second part, the partners made a speech on the stage to introduce some experiences and inspirations after the cooperation with Baidu, which was also an endorsement for dueros

of course, the main purpose of the whole activity is to introduce the advantages of dueros to the outside world and how to reach a cooperation relationship if the microcomputer has strong functions. Baidu's technical advantages, as the person in charge Zhaopeng summarized, lie in being able to hear clearly, understand and satisfy. This means that Baidu dueros can accurately identify and respond to the language commands of users who have the ability to supply key materials for major aviation equipment with the help of powerful algorithms and AI capabilities. At the same time, with the efforts of ecological partners, Baidu dueros can meet the needs of users for multi scenario applications as much as possible

during the activity, baidu repeatedly used the previously launched mobile holder as an example to convey the convenience, low cost and high technology of Baidu dueros ecological cooperation. In the whole ecosystem, Baidu's Xiaodu app and DMA Bluetooth technologies are the key. With the help of these two core technologies, devices cooperating with Baidu can obtain excellent intelligence and response ability, and build a Xiaodu Bluetooth ecosystem

the biggest feeling of this activity is that Baidu has made "Ai" and Bluetooth devices more closely, and has indeed met the three application scenarios mentioned by Baidu: life, sports and car. It is precisely because Baidu's consideration is always close to the detailed scenes in life that dueros can continuously meet the needs of users and obtain the recognition and support of the market

finally, baidu announced the official establishment of Xiaodu Bluetooth alliance. Interestingly, Huawei also established a similar IOT cooperation alliance not long ago. It can be seen that this mode of group warfare will become more and more common in the future. For Baidu, even though it has excellent artificial intelligence technology, it is impossible to complete the one-stop production line from software to hardware by itself. Therefore, it has become an important part of Baidu's intelligent ecological strategy to unite with major suppliers to enable its intelligent systems to partner products


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