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On the 22nd, the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition was grandly opened at the New International Exhibition Center in Pudong, Shanghai, and the new product conference of Fujian Jingong Machinery Co., Ltd. Bauma china2016 made an amazing appearance on the morning of the opening day, The four new products were launched with great attention from the audience, which strongly demonstrated the strong technical strength of Jingong

(Figure) at the world's first four new products

Jin Gong new product launch conference, in addition to the four most concerned devices, the distinctive activities in the Chinese style Jin Gong exhibition hall brought many surprises to the on-site audience

(Figure) China intelligent manufacturing, China Jingong. The new Chinese architecture is unique among the world's strong forests, especially eye-catching

(Figure) "reliable Jingong innovation and outstanding" Jingong new product launch was highly valued by the leaders of the industry association, who visited the exhibition hall to guide the work and jointly launched the launch ceremony

(picture) the mysterious guest of Jin Gong officially appeared. "Xiaozhi" is smart and cute. If you ask "Xiaozhi, what are you doing here?" He will tell you, "I came to attend the conference of Jingong BMW exhibition. I heard that Jingong's loader is as smart as Xiaozhi."

(picture) beautiful "beast", the thermal insulation performance classification and testing method of the building external window of the world's largest tonnage stone forklift loader of Jingong (gb/t 8484 ⑵ 002) made an amazing appearance

(picture) it was very cold to watch the exhibition this year, and Jingong bakery house provided warm and fragrant desserts for travelling merchants

(picture) the unique heritage of national intangible cultural heritage - string puppets, devoted to the BMW exhibition, and displayed the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage in the Jin Gong exhibition hall

(picture) at the classic song and dance night in Shanghai, you can enjoy the enchanting, charming, and moving performance at the Jingong booth

(picture) I took so many good photos during the BMW exhibition. Hurry up to Jingong and print them out ~

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