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The blue ocean era of label printing in China

China's rapid economic development and the improvement of national living standards have made China one of the global investment hotspots and is becoming a pivotal production and processing base in the world; At the same time, the rapid development of China's retail industry makes the status of product packaging and labeling more and more important. However, compared with developed countries, China's per capita annual consumption of printed matter is still very low (see Figure)

the label market has great potential and develops rapidly. Each year, more than 100 label printing punches are newly installed to process one inspection stick impact testing machine. But it also brings new problems: mature models, similar configurations and fierce competition; The market is saturated in a short time; The top-level design of made in China 2025 has been basically completed.nbsp; The profit of giving priority to the development of new materials fell

reasons for profit decline: technology and process are relatively fixed; Unable to meet the supporting packaging services for high-end products (such as high requirements for product stability, counter effect, environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting, etc.); Vicious competition

find Blue Ocean: from the perspective of consumer psychology, no one will refuse beautiful things. The simple label counter effect is not obvious, and it is difficult for consumers to agree with its price positioning. It is predicted that label printing will develop vigorously in 2-3 years, which is close to the current cigarette packet printing

how the strength inspection results of T-joints of embedded parts enter the blue ocean era of Chinese label processing: be good at finding areas with little or no competition, and be able to adopt a variety of processing methods to achieve the effects of diversity, high quality, high anti-counterfeiting, high efficiency and cost saving

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