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Blind investment makes the LED industry suffer from frequent frost. Can enterprises spend the spring safely

with the "tide of bankruptcy" of led enterprises and the "runaway events" of some small and medium-sized led enterprise bosses this year, blind investment and industrial surplus have made led, a hot and beautiful industry, suffer frequent frost, and many enterprises have also collectively gathered for IPO to warm up for the winter

According to some data, the output value of China's LED industry is expected to reach 154billion yuan in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 22%, while the output is expected to increase by more than 50%. Although the overall output value has not declined, led enterprises still feel a chill

senior insiders believe that "as an emerging industry, the 100% growth of LED is due to the good environmental adaptability, superior economy and processing convenience of wood. The 200% growth is not excessive, and the 30% to 50% growth rate is not normal, indicating that the industry is transiting from early winter to late winter." Led predicts that in 2012, the industrial output value is expected to exceed 200billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%

according to the data, there are currently more than 1200 packaging enterprises in China, with production capacity exceeding the market demand. In addition, he Minghui, the "phosphor and other materials" in the packaging industry, was very satisfied to introduce that the price of the company's masterpiece had not decreased. For example, although the wedge clamp chip had decreased, it was not enough to reduce the packaging cost. The price war under the competition of many, small-scale and homogeneous packaging enterprises leads to lower and lower gross profit margin. There is also a lack of core packaging technology in China, and the competition is also large

the crisis caused by the price war should not throw cold water on the LED industry.

at present, Le does not rely on "cutting corners" to increase the market share of enterprises. In the D industry scenario, the price war in the market has led to a financial crisis. From the "runaway" events of some small and medium-sized led enterprises this summer, it is also because of blind investment expansion and price changes that the capital collapsed. If the current situation continues blindly, no doubt we will see another tragedy in the LED industry

many people in the industry have shown that the future development prospect of the LED industry is still very large. If the LED industry shuffles to adjust the overall situation, it will also change the overall development of the LED industry. Those small enterprises that blindly invest and fail to pass the technology will be eliminated through the shuffle, so that their equipment and talents can be reused to reduce industrial losses

with the elimination of incandescent lamps in the market, although there is a lot of room for the LED industry market in terms of policy, many enterprises focus on the international market and work hard on export, but the cost of LED production is high, but the market price should not be too high, which also gives enterprises a big problem. Regardless of the domestic and foreign markets, the price has encountered a bottleneck. This is the LED industry pouring cold water again

led industry promises that product specifications should meet the low tide

recently, the G20 led summit was held in Shenzhen. More than 20 domestic and foreign led enterprises, such as San'an optoelectronics, Tongfang Co., Ltd., Hongli optoelectronics, sunshine lighting, Samsung led and Ruifeng optoelectronics, announced the establishment of a LED product specification Working Group to jointly deal with the low tide of the LED industry. The vigilance of these enterprises has also paved a new path for themselves and the LED industry

it is reported that the g20-led product specification working group will formulate a series of LED lighting product specifications. At the same time, the working group will affix relevant labels (such as outer packaging) to products that meet the g20-led product specifications, so as to make a commitment to provide high-quality and guaranteed LED lighting products for global end consumers. "This standard will be higher than the current national standard. It will set a benchmark in the industry and distinguish it from the products that are confused with others in the market."

in the first year of the 12th Five year plan this year, the state also officially announced the delisting of incandescent lamps. It seems that the LED industry is very beautiful, and it has also set off a wave of gold mining for countless enterprises. However, blindness and lack of strategy will also speed up the cold winter for enterprises to enter the dead time. Whether enterprises can spend the spring together is still a question mark

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