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The international furniture exhibition in Milan, Italy, known as one of the three major exhibitions in the world, is known as the "Oscar" and "Olympic" events of world home design and exhibition, and has been extended to the fields of architecture, home textiles, lamps and lanterns, etc

Milan International Furniture Exhibition

Milan International Furniture Exhibition, Italy, is known as one of the three major exhibitions in the world. It is known as the "Oscar" and "Olympic" event of world home design and exhibition, and has been extended to the fields of architecture, home textiles, lamps and other home furnishings. Held in April every year, it is a holy land for home designers and industry stakeholders all over the world to gather and communicate. In 2016, the Italian Milan Furniture Exhibition has entered its 55th year

the spring breeze is warm and warm. Recently, guojinquan, the creative director of Shuangyu wooden door, led an elite team to Italy to visit the Milan International Furniture Exhibition, which is the world's largest and most influential. He had a close exchange and discussion with international well-known home furnishing brands and designers, gained insight into the world's home furnishing trends, and even improved the product research and development and design level of Shuangyu

this global household feast is inseparable from the themes of "fashion", "design", "science and technology", "environmental protection", and shows the world the most fashionable fashion design concept with a wide range of products; Many masters in the fashion industry cross-border design, adding more fashion elements and life concepts to the home industry. The products exhibited this time have a strong industrial flavor. Metal elements are widely used in furniture design. The shape and structure of the products break through the constraints of the past. The golden and silver materials give the furniture a strong personalized color, and the whole thick industrial texture and smart life breath come to our face

Milan Furniture Exhibition is known as the "Olympic" grand event of the global furniture industry. It is a pioneer platform integrating high-end academic research and top business activities in design, furniture and related fields. It is a wind vane of the fashion trend of the furniture industry. It is reported that more than 1300 internationally renowned exhibitors participated in the exhibition hall with an area of more than 145000 square meters, bringing together the world's latest household products! This exhibition will be held simultaneously by three exhibitions, a micro film and an award ceremony

Shuangyu wooden door has been forging ahead for ten years, and is committed to becoming a first-class wooden door brand, bringing a new humanistic home lifestyle to the majority of users. Strictly follow the principle of "market-oriented and people-oriented", pay great attention to the harmony and unity of products and home space, and achieve perfection in every detail from gauge design, substrate selection, equipment technology, quality control, product installation to after-sales service, so as to win the recognition and trust of consumers with more comprehensive and high-quality products and services

at this exhibition, guojinquan, creative director of Shuangyu, said: through on-site observation and exchange, we have mastered the trend of international home fashion and understood the latest products and technology in the home industry. In the later stage, we will comprehensively upgrade Shuangyu's products and processes in view of this inspection, keep pace with the world level and stay at the forefront of the industry

Shuangyu knows that only innovation can maintain sustainable and stable development. In order to better absorb and learn from advanced design concepts at home and abroad, he often organizes designers to visit all over the world to study. Communicate with well-known designers at home and abroad to discuss the humanistic home culture, constantly explore and innovate, focus on both research and development design and technology, update the design concept according to the trend of international trends, and adhere to providing users with high-grade and international home design boutiques

star of Shuangyu

this trip to Milan was led by guojinquan, creative director of Shuangyu. He was wise, calm and innovative. It was this passion for artistic life that made him soar, injected fresh blood into Shuangyu and cultivated a "dragon, lion and tiger team"

Guo Jinquan is a senior designer with more than ten years of practical experience in overall customization of home furnishings. He once designed customized products for the whole house for film and television star Mr. Wang Qunying, won the highest award for customized design in the national design competition, and served as a senior lecturer in Aoki lecture hall... No matter what identity Guo Jinquan appears, he strives to practice the design concept of "creativity makes your life different" and build a better life for more families




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