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first, strengthen professional management

professionalism represents a height. Many dealers of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have a weak sense of specialization, constantly dabble in unfamiliar product categories in the process of development, and often change brands, resulting in a large waste of business resources. Nowadays, in the era of hypermarket competition, hypermarkets are more like a systematic group enterprise when integrating brands of various formats, which realizes division of labor and cooperation through internal. In this system, dealers should accurately realize their own division of labor, realize specialization, and strive to become the preferred "supporting" of this system to improve their differentiated competitive advantage under the operation of hypermarkets

second, pay attention to brand promotion

generally speaking, medium and high-end consumption belongs to brand consumption. Therefore, after acting as an agent for a brand, door and window dealers should not only analyze the characteristics of the local market with the manufacturer, but also establish a set of brand communication system plan, and establish a brand in the region, so as to ensure that dealers have better sales performance. In addition, it is very necessary to communicate with stores in promotion, so the large platform of stores can provide many small platforms for dealers to operate. Some low-profile door and window brands have become regional strong brands through benign cooperation with stores

third, innovation: the prescription for breaking out of the tight encirclement

on the one hand, it is facing the pressure of high competition in the market. On the other hand, due to the impact of economic slowdown, bloody competition among dealers is inevitable. Since the market competition has sounded the horn, we can't wait to die, but take the initiative to strike first. At present, insiders generally believe that only innovative management is the sharp weapon to break out of the siege

IV. sincere service and satisfaction 100

with the development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's shopping needs are not only locked in products, but also the service of products largely affects people's purchase choices. Therefore, we should learn to use services to move customers. In the door and window industry with relatively lagging services, high-level services are very easy to improve customers' return rate and make them loyal customers

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