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Dongguan Xinjun Hardware Trading Co., Ltd. & amp; nbsp; Liu Jianbin, deputy general manager of China Department, "cabinet world": first of all, what is the consideration of your company acting as an agent for International Hardware brand business

Liu Jianbin, deputy general manager of China Department of Dongguan Xinjun Hardware Trading Co., Ltd.

president Liu: with the continuous development of the domestic furniture industry, furniture is no longer a functional material product that simply meets the needs of life, but puts forward higher requirements for its quality and cultural connotation. As an indispensable part of furniture, hardware accessories have become a top priority to speed up the upgrading of products and move towards the high end. In order to meet the demand of the high-end furniture market, combined with the comprehensive consideration and demand of the domestic market, more European modern functional furniture hardware products are introduced. We Xinjun hardware have been acting as the agent of European high-end hardware accessories brands for more than 20 years, which is relatively complete

cabinet world: what is the difference between this exhibition and previous exhibitions, and what products have it brought to you

president Liu: the difference between this exhibition and previous exhibitions is that we are the top hardware supplier in Italy "Salice salich jointly participated in the exhibition. Our Xinjun hardware takes the high-end route, focusing on product quality. As the mainstay of the hardware accessories industry, it brings together the world's best hardware brand products. Salich brand has a history of 100 years, and generally friends who have participated in the European furniture exhibition will not feel strange to this brand. At present, 90% of European furniture uses salich hardware products. At this exhibition, Xinjun It brings all the new products of Salic this year, which are launched synchronously with Europe. In China, Salic's products were unveiled at the Home Expo, and we can also see these products at the European Milan exhibition not far away. For example, this top and bottom hinge is rarely seen in the Chinese market at present. It is made exclusively for the supply of high-end furniture products. The shape of salich hinge makes people feel that it is not just a hinge, but an ornament to appreciate. Its function is very special. European high-end brands have been cited, but few in China, so this exhibition surprised many friends who came to visit. We also believe that after this exhibition, many domestic businesses will soon apply it and it will become our star product

this top and bottom hinge has just been launched this year, because now more and more household products pay attention to personalization and require special functions. Now such top and bottom hinges are very popular in Europe. They are easy to install, with three-dimensional adjustment and mute function. Armani dada, b& B、Molteni & C. Poliform, vavenna and other brands use this kind of accessories on furniture products. This top and bottom hinge can be installed on wooden doors and aluminum frame doors. Just because everyone wants to make some personalized and special furniture products with higher and higher requirements, it is necessary to have good hardware accessories to match

this hanger is the latest product of salici. This year, we will see this product at the Milan exhibition in April. Many large manufacturers over there also began to use this hanger. This hanger can be used as a simple and small operation table when opened. In terms of performance, this hanger with buffer function is relatively simple and beautiful. These are the latest products this year. I believe that with the increasingly obvious trend of humanized and intelligent furniture, more and more people will recognize and use these excellent hardware products

after reading the hanging brace, let's take a look at the overall product. This product suddenly feels like a wardrobe. In fact, it is an overall product specially made for hotels or small houses, kitchens and living rooms. In fact, if you really open it, it's a cabinet (or even a mini kitchen). Open it when we want to use it, because we are now in the exhibition hall, which is relatively small. It can have a maximum of two doors of 1.4m and a height of 2.5m. We open it when we usually use it. This is a mini kitchen, which is closed when not in use. It looks like a wardrobe from the outside. It is specially used for small houses and rooms, just to save space, or it is also very good for hotels. Now in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, because the house price is expensive, many times the house is relatively small, so we often use this accessory when we make a whole home. After installing it, it usually looks like a wardrobe, and you can't see anything. When you open it, it's a small kitchen. It goes up automatically when it is closed. Above is a hanging cabinet door

one of the highlights of this product is that it is equipped with the latest luxury horse riding pump. The appearance of this luxury horse riding pump is very simple and beautiful. It has the performance of cushioning and spring pushing. The side can also change different colors, including gold, black and principle colors. The lines are very beautiful, which is different from the traditional kitchen

cabinet world: finally, please talk about the development of imported hardware in our Chinese market

president Liu: Although the economic stability in the past two years is not good, whether furniture factories or cabinet factories, their marketing is constantly changing, which is different from the past, but now they are developing in the direction of customization. Many customers are looking for personalized and special hardware accessories to support furniture and cabinets. And now people's living standards are getting higher and higher. With the development of the Internet, they will consult and learn those international furniture brands through the Internet, and their ideological consciousness has been improved a lot at once. If they want to do a good job in furniture and cabinets, they must find good functional hardware accessories to match, so that they can improve them soon and apply them to their own furniture products quickly. If you have the opportunity, you can go to the Milan Furniture Exhibition in April every year to visit and learn about the creativity, technology and fashion trends of European furniture design. The Milan Furniture Exhibition can be called a weathervane for the development of our furniture industry! What's more, the products in our exhibition hall today are also the latest products in Europe. Judging from the situation of this exhibition, it is still very good on the whole. Many new and old customers came to the exhibition hall for consultation and said they liked it very much. I believe that more and more friends in China will like these hardware accessories. Of course, if the factory wants to make better products, it must find better accessories to match, so that the products made will be more personalized





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