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The success of every enterprise is due to the correct business model. A correct decision determines the operation of the whole enterprise. The key to success or failure is this. The leadership of leaders is related to the success or failure of the enterprise

Han Shuguang, general manager of Liaozhong Huaze Sanfeng benchmarking store, explained to us her way of successful operation, created wonderful things belonging to Huaze Sanfeng, and made the right choice. Huaze Sanfeng has unlimited development prospects

on October 13, Han Shuguang, general manager of Huaze Sanfeng suit door in central Liaoning, explained her operation experience and participation gains at the "foresee 2015 champion city - Huaze Sanfeng Liaoning regional operation summit"

president Han has been acting for Huaze Sanfeng brand in central Liaoning for more than ten years. From the initial 80 square meter mom and pop store, it has expanded to a super large image store of more than 600 square meters, including Huaze Sanfeng wooden door, suit door and ecological door. Her efforts and efforts are unbelievable to ordinary people. When talking about her team, the low-key and introverted lady showed a confident and happy smile on her face. She proudly told the reporter, "Huaze Sanfeng is very famous in Liaozhong, and we are the local champions. But today's success is not my own credit. First of all, I want to thank my team!"

with a mature team, she attributed her success to the perfect execution and cohesion of the team! In the interview, we learned that the sales team in Liaozhong is no longer a store guide in the general sense, but everyone can actively move, go to the community, do telemarketing, and take the initiative to make an appointment with customers... In every promotional activity, everyone can shoulder the division of labor and maximize their own value! It is also in this painstaking honing that the Huaze Sanfeng team in central Liaoning has become stronger and stronger, and has fully interpreted the essence of the business of Huaze Sanfeng benchmark store

when we talked about this operation summit, President Han was also quite excited. She said that she benefited a lot from this meeting, "Director Liu's summary and analysis from brand building, advertising support, store management, channel expansion and other aspects have broadened my thinking on operation. The impact of the era's change on store operation proposed by manager Wei has also given me a lot of inspiration. Managing change with change, only by Invigorating the store and making the store full of vitality in continuous action, can I maintain vitality forever! Store operation is the same, so is my team, with After that, we will work harder! "

a few minutes of interview not only let us know a boss with strong learning ability, but also let us witness the successful model of Huaze Sanfeng benchmark store! We firmly believe that there are more dealers like President Han at the China Zesan summit, constantly drawing nutrients from the company headquarters and the successful cases of benchmark stores, injecting excellence into their stores and teams, and achieving a champion brand in practice

success has a suitable way of operation. Only by choosing the right operation method can you create more wonderful. The success of Huaze Sanfeng lies not in luck, but in its strength and correct operation





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