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Yangshengping, marketing director of Foshan Nanhai zhengchuang door and window Co., Ltd., was interviewed by Huiya information. He introduced the product advantages of Zijia door and window in detail to the reporter, and said that in the future, Zijia would be built into a first-line brand in a point to area manner

interview guest: Yang Shengping, marketing director of Foshan Nanhai zhengchuang door and window Co., Ltd.

Yang Shengping, marketing director of Foshan Nanhai zhengchuang door and window Co., Ltd., was interviewed by Huiya information. He introduced in detail the product advantages of Zijia doors and windows to reporters, and said that in the future, Zijia would be built into a first-line brand through a point to area approach

yangshengping, marketing director of Foshan Nanhai zhengchuang door and window Co., Ltd.

Huiya information: Huiya information interviewed president Yang of Zijia door and window today. Hello, President Yang

President Yang: Hello, friends all over the country. Good afternoon, I'm yangshengping, marketing director of Zijia doors and windows

Huiya information: this time we will have a brief interview with President Yang. Thank you for accepting our interview. Now, with the increasing demand and diversified development of consumers, what are the advantages and characteristics of Zijia doors and windows in this regard? How to meet the needs of consumers

president Yang: in fact, we have always emphasized how to create product differentiation, because we all know that the homogenization of products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows is very serious. If we don't create a product differentiation, our brand's competitive advantage can't be realized, so we can create and improve our product advantage from three aspects

first, we improve the competitive advantage of our products by improving the configuration of our products; Second, in our research and development, we should focus on making some products with large market demand, high added value and high cost performance to enhance the competitiveness of our products; Third, by constantly improving our product system or strengthening some product functions, we can enhance our competitive advantage. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are a systematic door and window. If the system is not perfect, many products are relatively single, so we need to enrich our product line. In addition, we improve the performance of our products by improving the product system, such as the popular intelligent doors and windows, silent doors and windows, including environmental protection, safety, energy saving, sound insulation, waterproof and other functional products. We also use this part of the investment to enhance the competitive advantage of our products

Zijia door and window product display

Huiya information: now product homogenization can be said to be a headache for the door and window industry. We also know that Zijia will launch new products every year, which is inseparable from the efforts behind our team. So, how is the team behind Zijia built? Can you introduce it to us

President Yang: Zijia has always attached great importance to team building. It has been eight years since its establishment. In the past eight years, our team has experienced a process from small to large, from unprofessional to professional, from small to refined. First, we strive to build an efficient marketing team. The current era is a competitive era. If we do not strengthen the construction of the marketing team, we will not be able to support our dealers nationwide, let alone serve our consumer groups nationwide. Zijia advocates that every product launched must be responsible for our dealers and our end consumers; Second, strive to build a brand promotion team, speed up the layout of national sales and service outlets, so that consumers across the country can see our high-quality Zijia products and enjoy the comfort brought by our high-quality Zijia products; Third, focus on building a terminal market service team, so that consumers across the country can buy Zijia products at ease and use them happily; We use these three teams to enhance the image of our entire brand. So as to achieve the goal of building a strong brand of Zijia

Zijia doors and windows honor display

Huiya information: you mentioned brand promotion earlier, and Zijia found Chen Zihan's endorsement in 2015, so in the future, what policies and efforts will Zijia have in brand promotion

president Yang: in brand promotion, this year is also our focus. We plan to take the route of exclusive stores in the next year. At present, there are relatively many sales outlets across the country, but at present, the number of franchised stores is not enough, and they are not sophisticated enough, so brand promotion is very difficult, which determines that we must follow the route of franchised stores; Second, speed up the promotion of the brand, and cooperate with relevant media units to carry out a comprehensive three-dimensional promotion, which will help to improve the exposure of our brand; Third, we should improve our service quality and strengthen our service level, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. In these three aspects, we must be attentive, careful and considerate, and provide our consumers and dealers with a fast service from these aspects; Fourth, in terms of strategy, we have also identified some key customers, key customers and key regions, that is, by supporting some key customers or key regions, we can make key customers do more, make the brand influence of key regions stronger, and build Zijia doors and windows into a first-line brand in the region. In this way, we can replicate them, radiate them all over the country, and make breakthroughs one by one, To achieve the synchronous development of our entire brand from point to area

Zijia door and window product display

Zijia door and window product display

Huiya information: now the whole house customization and intellectualization are very popular in the industry. In the future, in addition to Zijia's plans in building first-line brands, what development plans will Zijia have in the future

president Yang: in fact, it doesn't mean that making intelligent products can become a first-line brand. There is no inevitable connection between first-line brands and intelligent products. Intelligence emphasizes functional things, while first-line brands emphasize comprehensive content, such as brand influence, reputation and the breadth of brand promotion. Is this brand a brand that consumers all over the country like to talk about or trust, Only in this way can we become a first-line brand. Of course, for intelligent products, we also see this huge market space, and we are also making preparations in this regard, but why we haven't put it on the agenda, mainly because some brands also put forward the concept of intelligence, but the truly created intelligent products are not very suitable for the needs of this market, so we are also summarizing some of their shortcomings, and then improving their shortcomings, In the future, we will lay out intelligent products in this way, so that intelligent products can truly become consumers' favorite products

president Yang was interviewed by Huiya information

Huiya information: some people say that aluminum doors and windows are the "last bite of cake" in the home building materials industry. What do you think of this

President Yang: in fact, China's market is very large. As you know, China has a large population and vast territory. In fact, the national market is not saturated with consumers' consumption in the door and window market. However, as a customized product, aluminum alloy doors and windows have a relatively low threshold and low product technology content, so the industry competition is very fierce, which makes people feel that it is difficult to expand, Thus, there is the saying of "the last piece of cake" as you said. In fact, the market space of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China is very large. If Zijia wants to seize this market, it does not mean that there is no opportunity. We have plenty of opportunities. Why? Because we Zijia have several relatively mature conditions:

first, we have been established for eight years, with eight years of management experience, technology development experience and marketing promotion experience, which is our first foundation; Second, our product system is relatively mature and perfect. In the field of aluminum alloy doors and windows, we are now moving in the direction of how to do precision, rather than how to do this problem. This is the second condition we have; Third, our entire management process has been very perfect. When customers come to our next order or buy a product, we can meet their needs with the fastest speed, the best quality and the best service, which many factories cannot do. Why? Because some factories are still in the initial stage. If there are a little more orders, the personnel, service, equipment and technology may not keep up, so we don't need to solve this problem. We only need to consider the satisfaction of consumers. This is our third advantage; Fourth, Zijia has a very stable staff team. More than 60% of our employees have worked for seven or eight years and have followed Zijia's development all the way, so we don't have to worry about our products, technology and team. These are our four advantages with great confidence

the last piece of cake is only for those who don't understand the market, just enter the industry, or have no confidence in the market, but we are very confident in the market. Why? Because we have so many sales outlets across the country, and we have so much demand in China. Now the demand in the rural market is greater, and we also see this market, so we are also considering how to refine and refine this market in the next step, so that our consumers all over the country can experience our high-quality products and services

Zijia doors and windows product display

Huiya information: I wish Zijia doors and windows better and better development in the future. Thank you, President Yang, for accepting our interview today

president Yang: Thank you, thank Huiya information, and thank friends all over the country for coming to know our Zijia products. Welcome to Foshan and Zijia when you are free. Thank you





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