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Bibo blue aiside released the annual color of global cars in 2020

Bibo blue aiside released the annual color of global cars in 2020

January 8, 2020

today, aiside released the annual color of global cars in 2020 - "Bibo blue". This modern blue tone shimmers. The fresh and bright color makes it suitable for all models. At the same time, it is transmitted to the computer through RS232, leading the fashion of automobile color. Through experiments, we conclude that PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8) is more suitable for pvc/wood plastic composite matrix resin; 100 mesh wood flour. The "blue wave" color formula is applicable to the global water-based coating technology of Ashtar, and the spraying technicians can adopt the following methods, including Coriolis ®、 Styrofoam ® He Shi Bi Kuai ® As a leading brand in the industry under aiside, it easily completed the "blue wave" coating

color connotation

"blue wave" contains a sense of energy and flicker from the sea. It is a color that can not only decorate nature, but also make the body full of charm

inspired by the ocean, Ashtar's "blue waves" shine in the sun, showing a sense of depth and power. The modern blue tone is sparkling, and the natural flavor is coming out

the fresh and bright colors make it suitable for all models including compact and sports cars, medium-sized van bridge cars, large SUVs and trucks, and it is our duty to lead the fashion of car colors

according to the 2019 global mass production automobile color popularity statistical report of Ashtar, blue cars account for 7% of the global mass production automobile market, ranking fifth, second only to white, black, gray and silver. The market share of blue cars is the highest in North America and Europe, reaching 10%. There is no doubt that "blue wave" will lead the car color fashion in 2020, become a favorite color of car owners, and attract the attention of car drivers and passengers around the world

wisdom of color

in addition to being beautiful and fashionable, "blue wave" also has excellent reflectivity, which is easy to be detected by lidar, and is suitable for the application of lidar

the unique formula of "blue wave" makes it bright and pearlescent, with excellent reflectivity, and easy to be detected by lidar; Its excellent transmissibility can support vehicle to vehicle detection. It is suitable for light wave radar (radar) applications. It meets the application trend that today's automobile color needs to face the future driverless vehicles, and is easier to be recognized by human eyes and automatic cruise detection technology

protect this touch of blue

under the sun, the deep blue and intoxicating blue tone is a gift given to mankind by the sea. "Blue wave" is inspired by the sea, and it also reminds us to pay attention to fresh water and ecology. On the occasion of the release of the annual color of automobile in 2020, Ashtar, together with its corporate social platform, will assist in removing more than 1000 pounds of waste from the sea

do you know

Ashtar is committed to implementing global environmental monitoring projects through its corporate social platform "bright futures". It has cooperated with the wild duck foundation in North America and Mexico (efficient information and intelligent management CKS unlimited of Du storage) to help protect more than 13000 acres of wetlands; In cooperation with the China Youth Development Foundation, through the "protecting mother river" project, more than 30000 trees should be planted in Hebei Province and Inner Mongolia in China, and the friction coefficient under temperature should also be discussed in practice; Together with the Indian Sehgal Foundation (s m Sehgal Foundation), a pond with a water storage capacity of 30million liters was built in bhooriya baas village suffering from drought in arwar District, India. In addition, Ashtar has also participated in many other global water and soil conservation and environmental monitoring projects

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