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The third generation of blomax bottle blowing machine increases the added value of PET bottle blowing.

in 2005, SIG challenged the bottle blowing technology and launched the third generation of blomax bottle blowing machine. The new third generation blumax bottle blowing machine has the following features

1. The unique design features of previous generations of SIG bottle blowing machines are retained. The mandrel transmission system ensures that the bottle embryo is free from contact or turnover. The operation is simple and smooth. The jaw can be divided into V-shaped jaw (for clamping round samples) and flat jaw (for clamping flat samples) and transmitted on the same horizontal plane

2. The design of the machine series is more professional. Considering all parts and all aspects of the stretch bottle blowing process, it is safer for ultra-high speed production, has no limit on the stretch speed, and can withstand greater pressure. The rated production capacity of bottles less than 1.5 liters can make the product biodegradable up to 1800 bottles/hour/mold cavity

3. Strict modular design concept. The whole series uses common parts, which greatly reduces the number of parts required and makes the delivery time shorter

4. The design is flexible and can be changed according to future production needs

5. Flexible mold base design is provided, that is, any mold can be selected on the bottle blowing machine

6. The linear heating furnace and blow molding module are self-supporting design, and are no longer welded integral wheel body

7. For the second experiment of bottle embryo in the heating furnace, the spacing is shorter (50mm bottle embryo spacing heating furnace is used for 38mm wide mouth bottle), so that the machine needs less heat and saves energy consumption. The heating chain has no turnover, simple and reliable movement and almost no friction, so it will not be affected by thermal expansion and wear

8. Mechanical stretching without low pressure working air. The investment cost of low-pressure air compressor is saved for users. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrial production requirements

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